Michael “Mike” Harrold’s Eternal Flame Lincoln, RI

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Michael Mike Harrold Lincoln, RIMichael “Mike” Harrold

Lincoln, Rhode Island


Tribute To Our Brother, Friend & Fellow Servant…

R.I.P Michael

-Forever In Our Hearts and Minds… Until We Meet Again, Brother!

Mike Harrold Fairlawn Saylesville Lincoln Rhode Island


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mike harrold lincoln rhode island

lincoln rhode island RI


Click to learn more about Michael’s favorite story… “The Cab Ride


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Again, we really appreciate you visiting this website and hope you will continue to come back from time to time to view all the great content, and photos, and watch the videos too! And, don’t forget to check out The Cab Ride, one of Michael’s favorite videos (there’s a link to the video provided above)! And also, another of Mike’s favorites is regarding utilizing every moment God gives you to the fullest, not wasting a moment as you never know when your time is up. The story is regarding the seconds in a day you’re giving – 86,400 – read the story here.

Most folks live their lives looking through the rearview mirror of their car as they should be looking forward as the windshield is much bigger and much, much clearer. Stop living your life in the PAST, Start living in the PRESENT where your feet are firmly planted.




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