86,400 Seconds Per Day – Use Them Wisely!

This is a great motivational video well worth taking a couple of minutes of your time to watch!  Compartmentalize your life and make certain one day does not carry into the next. Every day is a new day and is an opportunity for greatness!  Consider this… You are given a bank account where you get $86,400 dollars deposited into your bank account each day. The balance howerver is not carryed forward, whatever you do not use is deleted from the account. The next morning at 0001 hours another $86,400 is deposited and at 2359 hours whatever remains is deleted and the scenario is repeated each and every day.

Anyone smart enough, with any intelligence at all will make sure they spend all that is deposited and will not leave any money left in the account. It only makes perfect sense. However, with one’s own personal time, people do not value it and in many cases they waste a considerable amount of time every day. Their thinking being that oh well, no biggie, I’ll do that or start that tomorrow.

One quote I heard from David Cassidy’s daughter that he whispered while on his deathbed that really resonated with me was his words… “So much wasted time.”

Really profound and based on the comments below the story, really hit home with a lot of the readers who took the time to leave a message.

Value your time because tomorrow is never promised, the future is not guaranteed, and the present is a gift.

Watch this video now and let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

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