Super Bowl Pool

50Th Anniversary of the Superbowl Games

Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos

02/07/16 San Francisco, CA


Jim M

Bob W

Peter H

Timmy H

Chris & Kelly D

Chris H



  • There are 6 players
  • Each player gets a total of 16 squares
  • 4 squares have been marked with an X signifying they are not owned by any player
  • We will determine a winner by the score at Halftime, the End of the Third Quarter and for the Final Score of the game
  • Each drawing is for 200 points
  • Example – Say at halftime the score is Denver 10 Carolina 5. We will use the last number in the score for that respective team. We would go to the graph and find the zero for Denver (0) and  (5) for Carolina. The owner of the square where the two numbers intersect is the winner for the respective drawing.
  • In the event the Halftime or Third Quarter drawing is an “X” the points will be forwarded to the final score drawing.
  • If the final score drawing is and “X” the winnings will go to the winner of the Third Quarter.
  • If the Third Quarter winner is an “X” the winning points will go to the Halftime winner.




Here is the final board with the numbers inserted. Just did an online randomized, computer-generated selection of the numbers with Jim M




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